Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Zorya

 According to Slavic mythology, the Zorya are three Guardian Goddesses (or fates)  who are also known as the Auroras. They are the daughters of the Sun God, Dazhbog. The Zorya represent the Morning Star, the Evening Star, and the Midnight Star, and it is believed that the fate of the Universe depends upon these three women. It is their duty to watch over the chained doomsday hound that threatens to eat the constellation of Ursa Minor for if the chain should break,the constellation will be devoured and the universe will end. The Zorya are associated with marriage, protection, and exorcisms.

The Zorya are said to control the time and protect the world from evil.  They represent the dawn, the noon, and the evening as well as the past, present, and future.  They are sometimes associated with the Triple Goddess--maiden, mother, and crone.

The Morning Star is Zorya Utrennaya. She is a warrior Goddess, depicted as fully armed; Each day, it is She who opens the the sky palace gates for the chariot of the Sun, Her father.   She is the patroness of horses, protection and exorcisms and is associated with the planet, Venus.  In some tales, She sits under an Oak Tree (World Tree) on a fiery stone called Alatiur...and under Her seat flows the river of healing. Invoke Morning Star for protection in battle. Morning Star is the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess

The Evening Star is Zorya Vechernyaya.  It is She who closes the heavenly gates at dusk when the day is done, and the sun returns home.  She may have been associated with Venus or Mercury. She represents the Mother aspect.

The Midnight Star is Zorya Polunochnaya who is sometimes omitted in the legends, but I feel She is important.  It is said that each night the sun dies in Her arms and is then restored to life.  She is the Goddess of death, rebirth, magic, and wisdom.  She is the Crone aspect. 


  1. Interesting Triple Goddess! I don't know enough about the Slavic Goddesses. You're educating me!

  2. How would you pronounce Zorya/Zoryi?