Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Waning Gibbous Moon

Once again we see the Moon as 3/4 full. Here the fruit drops from the tree or is harvested. It contains within it the seed of the new cycle which is coming.

The relationship between the waning gibbous is opposite to that of the waxing gibbous because as the Moon approaches it's darkest point, it's 'decreasing' potency is growing. Thus, as it moves from waning gibbous to waning half to waning crescent, it becomes more powerful in decreasing energies. So, for minor decreasing and banishing rituals, the waning gibbous Moon is more appropriate because not as much lunar decreasing energy is needed for the ritual to be successful.


  1. I've been watching her wane these last few days - gorgeous. I've grown fond of this part of the cycle (last quarter) which hadn't interested me much before.

  2. Beautiful image of the Gibbous moon... and the past couple of nights have been clear enough I can see the waning moon high over ahead... I agree with Rue, I've come to actually look forward to watching the waning phases of the moon.

  3. I am blessed to have the moon right outside my bedroom window at this time of the year. I've learned not to close my blinds and when I can'g sleep, I can meditate on it.

  4. I can relate to this post and the comments too. Today, I took a pic of the gibbous moon in the daytime. It looked great!