Friday, April 18, 2014

Bright Moon

Bright moon, that high in heaven art shining,
        All smiles, as if within thy bower to-night
    Thy own Endymion lay reclining,
        And thou wouldst wake him with a kiss of light!--
    By all the bliss thy beam discovers,
        By all those visions far too bright for day,
    Which dreaming bards and waking lovers
        Behold, this night, beneath thy lingering ray,--

    I pray thee, queen of that bright heaven,
        Quench not to-night thy love-lamp in the sea,
    Till Anthe, in this bower, hath given
        Beneath thy beam, her long-vowed kiss to me.
    Guide hither, guide her steps benighted,
        Ere thou, sweet moon, thy bashful crescent hide;
    Let Love but in this bower be lighted,
        Then shroud in darkness all the world beside.

Thomas Moore 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Goddess Quote

After much diligent research, aided by other women, I gradually came to understand that beneath the familiar Goddesses of the patriarchy, there is a much more ancient Goddess.

Carol P. Christ

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dewi Ratih

Dewi Ratih is the Balinese Goddess of the moon. She is also the goddess of love who assists those who are too shy to declare their love.  It is believed that when the moon rises above the mountain, Dewi Ratih, comes down into the mortal world and shares the life of the village people. Legend holds that it is She who brought the women cotton and weaving tools and showed them how to use them. Then, after She completes Her task, She   steps into a boat and flies back to the Moon.

According to an old Balinese myth which  explains lunar eclipses,  the demon Kala Rauh had stolen and drank some of the elixir of immortality which was said to bring about eternal life. Dewi Ratih reported this to the great God Wisnu, who tossed a magic disk at the demon and cut off his head. But, since Kala Rau had swallowed a wee bit of the elixir, his head was immortal but the rest of his body died. In an effort to exact revenge, he endlessly chases Dewi Ratih across the sky. Occasionally he catches and swallows Her, causing a lunar eclipse, but because he is just a head with no body he cannot hold her for long. This is how they account for lunar eclipses.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pawnee Tribal Hymn


Behold! Our Mother Earth is lying here.
Behold! She gives of her fruitfulness.
Truly her power she gives us.
Give thanks to Mother Earth who lies here.
Behold on Mother Earth the growing fields!
Behind the promise of her fruitfulness!
Truly her power she gives us.
Give thanks to Mother Earth who lies here.
Behold on Mother Earth the spreading trees!
Behold the promise of her fruitfulness!
Truly, her power she giveth to us,
Give thanks to Mother Earth who lieth here!
Behold on Mother Earth the running streams!
Behold the promise of her fruitfulness!
Truly, her power she giveth to us,
Give thanks to Mother Earth who lieth here!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kogi Prayer

Our Mother of the growing fields,
'O our Mother of the streams, will have pity upon us.
For whom do we belong?
Whose seeds are we?
To our Mother alone do we belong.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Inanna: Loud Thundering Storm

Inanna was the great goddess of the ancient Sumerians.  She was primarily but was also a goddess of  war. She became identified with the Akkadian goddess, Ishtar. She was also seen as the bright star of the morning and evening, Venus.

Proud Queen of the Earth Gods, Supreme Among the Heaven Gods,
Loud Thundering Storm, you pour your rain over all the lands and all the people.
You make the heavens tremble and the earth quake.
Great Priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart?

You flash like lightning over the highlands; you throw your firebrands across the earth.
Your deafening command, whistling like the South Wind, splits apart great mountains.
You trample the disobedient like a wild bull; heaven and earth tremble.
Holy Priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart?

Your frightful cry descending from the heavens devours its victims.
Your quivering hand causes the midday heat to hover over the sea.
Your nighttime stalking of the heavens chills the land with its dark breeze.
Holy Inanna, the riverbanks overflow with the flood-waves of your heart....

On the seventh day when the crescent moon reaches its fullness,
You bathe and sprinkle your face with holy water.
You cover your body with the long woolen garments of queenship.
You fasten combat and battle to your side;
You tie them into a girdle and let them rest.

In Eridu you received the me from the God of Wisdom.
Father Enki presented the me to you at his holy shrine in Eridu.
He placed queenship and godship in your hands.

You mount the steps to your high throne.
In all majesty you sit there
With your beloved husband, Dumuzi, at your side.

The gods of the land, wishing to hear their fate, come before you.
The gods of heaven and earth kneel before you.
The living creatures and the people of Sumer come before you.
The people of Sumer who parade before you are caught in your gaze,
And held in your holy yoke.


"I Bathed for the wild bull,
I bathed for the shepherd Dumuzi,
I perfumed my sides with ointment,
I coated my mouth with sweet-smelling amber,
I painted my eyes with kohl.

He shaped my loins with fair hands,
The shepherd Dumuzi filled my lap with cream and milk,
He stroked my pubic hair,
He watered my womb.
He laid his hands on my holy vulva,
He smoothed my black boat with cream,
He quickened my narrow boat with milk,
He caressed me on the bed.

Now I will caress my high priest on the bed,
I will caress the faithful shepherd Dumuzi,
I will caress his loins, the shepherdship of the land,
I will decree a sweet fate for him." 

Translation by Samuel Noah Kramer from 'Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth'

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Goddess Quote

Two thousand years ago, we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses. Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. 

Dan Brown